Our newest member

A beautiful Lavender Orpington Rooster!  (Thank you so much, Sadie!)  Kaia and I went through a list of names.  We wanted something that sounded powerful and regal… Albus (as in Dumbledore), Arthur Pendragon…. but we ultimately settled on Zeus.  I think it fits him very well!

I know, we already have a rooster.  But, he’s so little!  We love Millhouse, but I really wanted a full sized rooster to protect the chickens when they are free ranging, as well as to hear that full sized crow.  (He’s still working on his crow.  He’s going through his adolescent voice-cracking phase right now.)  So far, the two of them are getting along pretty well.  They’ve pecked at each other a little bit, but mostly leave each other alone.

I have to say, I was a little offended that Zeus got right down to work.  He didn’t even have time for proper introductions or margaritas before he was up on the ladies doing his duties!  He’s going to be a great roo, though.  He’s almost like a border collie, the way he herds the other chickens to keep them in line!

Happy Chickens!

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