Learning his name

Leif is very interested in his alphabet.  He’s often telling me things like, “Hey, Mom, fish starts with ffff, fff, ‘F'”.  And he’s super excited about writing his name.  He’s still young and working on his hand/eye coordination, and keeping a steady hand.  So, I started by writing his name on a chalk board and having him trace it with water (we used a little wooden stick with a sponge on the end that we got at a craft store).  The smiley faces helped him remember where to start his letter.

He noticed that we were writing his name in all capital letters and wanted to do it “the right way”.  Smiley faces didn’t work as well here.  So, I used little green dots as starting points instead.

Yes, it was a very exciting morning!

One thought on “Learning his name

  1. Leif we are so proud of you! Your momma makes learning fun. I am happy you like letters and words. I do too!

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