Meet Caroline Riffraff

Kaia has been asking to do this doll project for a few months now.  I thought, instead of starting the new school year a little early, I’d put aside the last week of summer for her to make her doll.   Often times, with sewing projects, she will start off with great gusto and then dump the project in my lap begging me to finish it.  This time, she took off and ran with it.  Not only completing the doll, but accessories, too.

Beginning the first arm

Voodoo doll!

Stuffing the legs


Button hips and brown boots


Sometimes others fall in love with our creations

And sometimes we get side tracked by cuteness


Pinning on the first layer of hair


Hair’s done (Crazy Happy!)

I did help Kaia by sewing on the face.  But, while I did that, she made Caroline a dress and accessories.


Caroline now has a purse, book, pencil, and saddle bag with snack pack, apples, water, and a burlap bag of oats for her horse.

Stay tuned!  Movie episodes of Caroline in “My life as a doll” are in the making!!


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  1. Maria, I’m not sure if you remember me, but we used to be in the same mother-child group a long time ago in Chapel Hill. I keep up with Kaia and you through your blog, since she and Ella are so close in age. I can’t seem to find your email address on your blog, and would like to email you with a question about herbalism and the path towards that for a WWOOFer I work with. My address is above; I’d love to hear from you and am glad you all seem to be doing so well.


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