A place of her own


Back in June, I asked Kaia what she wanted for her birthday.  She went through a few ideas before settling on a tree house.  “Yes!” I thought.  “We definitely need one of those on the land!!”  And so the construction began:


Leif, as always, was a fabulous construction helper!


There was a lot of excitement when the platform was finally done! (They don’t look excited, do they?  It had been a long day of construction, with lots of mosquitoes.)

The house is shaped like an H surrounding two large trees.


The siding was made out of donated tin roof and lap siding.  It created a fabulous mash of colors and personality.

It took a while, but thanks to the help of our family, we are pretty much done!  A rope ladder and pully system are planned for the near future.  But, Kaia was able to move in today and is looking forward to some quiet time by herself.   (We’ll see what her little brother has to say about that!)

One thought on “A place of her own

  1. Maria, I am so glad that Toby’s father, Vick, was able to help so much with the building of the tree house for Kaia. He so enjoyed spending time with Toby and the kids. And wow what a terrific job. Is Toby for hire? I’ve already ask Vick to build me my own little house for a writing studio. Those Crawley men sure know how to get it done.

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