In our home, even kitties do school… with their pj’s on…. in the cat tent 🙂



School has been going fairly well this semester.  It’s been a little harder with 4 year old energy around the house while Kaia and I are working on more advanced subjects.  She has a hard time concentrating with Leif doing anything in her vicinity.  If I sent him up with something fun for him to do, she wants to play along.  If I’m not doing school with him, he often gets mad, “Why don’t I have more schoolwork?!?”  🙂  I can’t complain that he loves learning.  He’s reading simple sentences and started writing short words.  This morning, as I watched him write, my mind flashed forward to him writing me a little letter, “Dear mommy, I love you!” or something like that.  My whole body feel warm and fuzzy.

Kaia’s semester is falling into place in a way that I hadn’t planned, but am very thankful for.  We’ve begun studying Einstein and his though experiments using the book Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids.  The experiments can be done with household objects and are fairly simple so Leif can enjoy them.  Kaia and I take them a bit deeper.

While we learn about the life of Einstein, we are also studying this same time period in history.  We’ve read Miss Spitfire, about Annie Sullivan and Hellen Keller, read a bit about Nikola Tesla and his inventions, and looked through If You Lived 100 Years Ago.  We just finished up a fabulous book about immigration in the early 1900’s called Shutting out the Sky.  Kaia has decided that she wants to take a trip to NY to visit Ellis Island and the NY Tenement Museum.  (She has come a long way from wanting to visit NY because of the American Girl Doll factory.)  We’ve just moved into The Unsinkable Molly Brown  (Titanic) and will go from here into discussing women’s suffrage and WWI (A Time for Courage) and WWII (Number the Stars).   I may be enjoying the history reading even more than she is!




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