Weekend in review

Well, while I was away, I journaled all of my thoughts and feelings with the intention on blogging them. But, I think I would end up losing all of my readers if I bored you with that. (Plus, when I was just typing this, I misstyped and wrote “…with the intentions of flogging them…”)

Anyway, in synopsis, Earthaven is a wonderful place with some great people who are trying to make a difference in the world by living off the grid and as sustainably as possible. They have created an intentional community, but it felt lonely to me. They get so many ‘tourists’ that I’m sure they get tired of catering to all the questions. Plus, everyone is working very hard at making the community function, that many just don’t have time to socialize. But, those who did were gracious and kind. The grounds there were bursting with herbs and wild greens. So, I didn’t have a problem with my pre-cleanse diet. Plus, the food that was cooked where I was staying was almost always something I could eat. I think the main thing I took away from the weekend was that I am ready to make that leap to selling our comfortable, typical american home and buying land to build a sustainable, off the grid place. I am tired of paying a mortgage that will end up costing us twice as much because of interest!

I missed K desperately while I was gone! Sometimes I just felt like crying it was so lonely without her at my side. But, I know if was good for her and Toby. He said that he really felt like they had some bonding time.

Well, I am off to make my cleansing lemonade for tomorrow…Day 1 of the cleanse!

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