Cleanse Day 1

Things went smoothly today. I wasn’t ever starving and if I did get a little hungry, I would just drink my ‘lemonade’. The biggest hurdle was the desire to eat food even though I wasn’t hungry. Toby is being so sensitive and has tried to eat and cook away from me, but I still have K to feed and man those tortilla chips looked good. Just a little lick of the salt, please!!! And when she had some yogurt before going to bed… mmmmm, it smelled good. And those extra cereal pieces she left on the table this morning would have been so easy to snatch up and munch! I never realized how much of a habit it has become to just eat food when I see it, or when I’m bored, or when K has left overs… instead of just when I am hungry! I hope I can break this habit and keep it broken! The other hurdle that I thought was going to be pretty rough, was the fact that I put just a little bit too much cayenne in my lemonade mix and it was pretty rough getting it down. I’m not a spicy food person. But, I figured out that I could drink it with a straw and it seemed to bypass the ‘spicy’ receptors on my tounge. Problem solved.

Off to make more yummy lemonade for tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 1

  1. I am keeping up with the cleansing and cheering you on! That must be so difficult, but it’s a good time to do it. You are coming off some pretty serious dietary restrictions of pregnancy and nursing, so you are still in the loop of self-denial [though the day-long snacking moms do may not seem like deprivation!] Also: I really like the sustainable idea. Hannah and Tony in our group are looking to do that eventually at Blue Heron.

  2. I’m glad the fast is going well and that you had a good time at EarthHaven. Maybe when I’m next at your place (tomorrow?) I can help identify the mystery beetle!

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