Cleanse Day 2 – kinda graphic

Yesterday really wasn’t so bad, except that I was pretty tired. But, that might have been because I woke up at 5:30 with gas and diarrhea (mostly mucous). I know that’s disgusting, but it relates a lot to the conditions that I have. Allergies, asthma and deQuervain’s Tendonitis (from pregnancy) are all conditions related to inflammation and mucous in the body. So, in saying that the cayenne is working to pull the mucous out of my body… well, that’s good news! Otherwise, I’m not really hungry, but I still really want food for the taste and the habit of it. I like getting this perspective on what my food rituals are! Oh, and I realized that I had misscalculated my drink on day 1 and only had 48 oz of water instead of 64. So, todays drink was much more pleasant, actually yummy!

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