Cleanse Day 3

Feeling OK. I still really want to eat though. Carbs the most (bread, crackers…), followed by cheese or yogurt. It’s hard since K is eating all the time and I am so use to snacking with her. This morning I was up at 3 am with that diarrhea crap again (pun intended)! I was sitting there thinking, “ok, this has got to end! If I weren’t waking up so early with gurgling stomach cramps, this cleanse would be a breeze!” Then I started thinking about how I was going to be in the papers “31 year old mom dies of a massive heart attack due to ‘cleansing’ her body”. Then I realized it was 3am and I should go back to bed. Really, I think it would be much easier if the weather weren’t so lousy, and K weren’t a crank today, and my boobs weren’t still sore, blah, blah! But, I can do this. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warmer. And I stopped drinking that other tea I made, with the fennel and fenugreek, you know, the ones that stimulate milk production!! Yeah, good idea on that one, stupid!

Also, I was curious how many calories I am consuming with this cleanse and I calculated that the maple syrup and lemon add up to about 650 calories a day!! That just seems way too low to still be functioning! I am going to really have to watch and make sure I don’t lose too much weight too fast. I may have to up the amount of “mommy’s spicy drink” (as K calls it) that I consume each day.

5 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 3

  1. Good luck with your cleanse! You are doing a slightly modified Master Cleanse? I think I like that tea in the am instead of the salt water flush. that was what sucked most for me. But ohh do I remember those 3am stomach gurgles. Good luck!

  2. The book that I am going by, the one by Stanley Burroughs, mentions using a laxative tea or the salt water flush. I’d heard such horrible things about the flush that I opted for the tea!! The clease is hard enough without having to drink a ton of salt water and having explosive, um, movements. I can’t believe you did it for as long as you did, Steph! You have some will power!!

  3. explosive? gah! Never had that happen. It was no fun though. I think my next cleanse I’ll switch off with the SWF and the tea. Since I’m still getting over this flu thingy I may do one very soon to clear out the mucus.

    And willpower? nahh it was desperation the first time around, my second one in february was horrible…ten days of serious whining. lol

  4. Maria.hi! Julie here(from work)
    It was great to see you and Kia the other day. I was talking to Conrad last night about this 10 day master cleanse I was getting ready to do. She said you just did it. I thought you looked really wonderful at work. Really clean. I guess that’s why. I’m going to be off 11 days next week and I thought I would do it. Have a great day!

  5. I didn’t know this would be posted. =) Can you email me back and tell me a little more about how you did? I’ve been reading so much on fasting. Most people think 10 days is a little long to begin with, but I think with the loemon juice and maple syrup it makes it OK.

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