Cleanse Day 5 and other stuff

I woke up to K starting her day off in a funk again! She cried through most of breakfast, which consisted of a little yogurt, cereal, egg, prune, and a bread stick. Then more cereal, rice milk and herb tea!! She must be going through a growth spurt!! But, I think her mood is a combination of things. One, I think the weaning thing is finally hitting her ’cause she has been asking for “boobie” lately. But, it looks as if my once plump breastfeeding boobs have started to shrivel up and die! So, even if I wanted to give her a boob, it would probably just frustrate her that there is no milk. At least they are not feeling so engorged anymore. But, also, I think my cleanse is effecting her. This morning, during her breakfast, she kept trying to get me to eat with her, “mommy eat cereal” “mommy drink sippy” and she would start crying all over again when I said no thanks. We’ve been eating our meals together for her whole life, so this must seem like a very major change. Hopefully things will get better soon. She did great the rest of the day.

And I’m doing fine. A little tired and hungry. But the urge to eat just to eat isn’t as strong today. I’m just tired of drinking my meals. But, I really want to make it to day 7. That is supposed to be how long it takes for your body to make a major dump of toxins. I thought I was being handed a double whammy this morning when I started my period, too!! (Which usually makes me a little cranky and physically tired.) But, I have done fine today. Plus, it seems only fitting that I start my period a little early. I am cleansing in every other way, when not mentrually too?

On the home front, I’ve decided to stop using my dryer and start hanging the clothes on a line. I figure it is one simple step to getting off the power grid. It was nice standing out in the sun and wind, putting the clothes on the line. We’ll see how it works in winter:-)

3 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 5 and other stuff

  1. I’m trying out the same resoilution too – I don’t like how “crunchy” clothes get on the line, but I found a (hopefully) non-irritating soy based fabric softener at the health food store (Ecover) so I’m going to try that this week and hang up a few loads. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I didn’t know about the “crunchy” clothes thing until I took these clothes off the line. I may have to get some of that fabric softener. I don’t like that crunchy feeling!

  3. We are big fans of our clothes line. As a matter of fact, it was the BEST new thing we had done to our house after moving in, in my opinion. I use A LOT less detergent than is recommended, and that helps. I also use sport wash/sensiclean [found ONLY at Wal-Mart–I held my nose and went in there]. It has no extra stuff in it. Hunters use it because it removes all scent. We do a lot of line-drying in winter, too. I find the late summer the hardest, as it’s SO damp NOTHING dries. We also use a rack indoors. If all else fails with the crunch, then try drying just a little bit, like 15 minutes, then hanging. That also reduces the crunch. God, what a happy homemaker I sound like, but I am really, really into line-drying my clothes and have experimented a lot with this!
    Hang in there Maria with the cleansing! You’ve come this far, which is fantastic!

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