Cleanse Day 6 – The Final Countdown

Que the Final Countdown music!

Today actually felt different. I didn’t have the intense desire to eat, and somehow, my body felt different. I had pretty good energy and felt great mentally. Maybe it’s just that I know I only have one day left of the cleanse. But, it felt pretty good.

I tested my limits, too. One of my herb teachers had a “Wild Edibles” workshop at her house today. A group of us walked around her garden and woods talking about and harvesting the wild edible herbs/foods. Then we made a beautiful wild salad with lots of flowers, a pesto with Nettles and Chickweed, a casserole with nettles (rice and goat cheese, too) and lots of other divine yummies!! I watched, helped, and smelled but didn’t eat any!! I did take some home in a tupperware to taste on Tuesday, along with all the recipes to make next week too 🙂

K did pretty good today. She just fussed a little when I wasn’t eating breakfast with her. Hopefully things will be all back to normal soon!

2 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 6 – The Final Countdown

  1. Sorry I haven’t written in a while!! I’m glad your cleansing went well. Was it something that you would do again? And how many months before you try it again?

  2. Hey Mary!! Not done yet! One more day of cleansing. I don’t know if I would do this one again. Maybe. It’s kind of like giving birth… you forget about the pain and only see the results. So, in a year, maybe. If I did do it again, it would probably be for my yearly “spring cleaning”

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