Cleanse Day 7 and after

Yesterday was great! I felt light and energetic and was in a pretty good mood! My toungue was also pink again, instead of coated with a white film which is a sign that you are expressing toxins. No major happenings… I guess I thought there would be like, some thing where I could say “Now, Now, I am cleansed!” But everything was fairly low-key. So, today I am drinking freshly squeezed OJ to get my digestive system ready to accept food again. I can’t wait!!

I went to my gym to get all my measurements and see if this cleanse does actually pull the toxins from fat and mucous and not just break down protein/muscle. Unfortunately, the machine that tells your body fat was broken, so I will report on that later…

One thought on “Cleanse Day 7 and after

  1. Can you tell me more about the toungue having a coat of white film on it? I notice fluctuating greatly between white and pink. When it’s white there are always splotches of pure pink. Any thoughts?

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