Summer’s here!

Happy (almost) first day of Summer everyone!! I always love the longest day of the year, but it also comes to me with some sadness. ‘Cause that means every day after it is getting shorter 🙁

Things are going well here at the homestead. The chickens are happy, Suki is enjoying time in the shade with her favorite bone. Unfortunately, our great friend and house-helper, Mattie, is moving back to Canada at the end of the month! He’s been an amazing help and support with the house so far and we will really miss him. Another friend may begin working for us in a few weeks. Plus, a few years ago, Toby helped install a veggie oil conversion kit in a school bus in Chapel Hill. Well, the woman who owns the school bus now lives near us and she wants to give a few days of work on our house to repay the favor!

Toby and I have started talking about whether or not we want to have another child. Part of me really wants to. I look at Kaia and I think “how could I not want another one. It’s so absolutely amazing to be a parent… to watch her grow and learn… the complete love I feel” and part of me is like “why would I ever want to put myself through that again?! The nausea of pregnancy, the immense weight gain, the pain and depression after the birth, the endless nights without sleep… ugh!!” So, you see, I am torn. Now that I finally have my energy and my sanity back (though unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get my body back), it seems like having another child would be easy… ’cause I’m in a good place. But all that changes after not having slept in 2 years. Toby and I would both really like to adopt, but no one will approve us right now… you know – tiny cabin, out house, now shower, no money and all that. So, maybe in the future. Kaia is up for another child, without a doubt. She gives birth to some kind of pretend baby every day in preparation for the real thing 🙂

Baby or not, I’ve started trying to get a little more exercise. I’ve been getting up early to go out and hoop a little before Kaia wakes up. It’s been really nice hooping in the cool morning air. It puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day. I’ve also signed up for a workshop in July that I am really excited about. I hope it will get me into some sort of hooping routine! I continue to (slowly) get better, but I want more!! Here is a hooper doing some of the moves that we will be learning at the workshop.
Viriditas is going great! We are finally picking up! This week was booked. We have people from South Carolina, Eastern NC, and even a tourist from CT. coming in for the Maya Abdominal Massage. And Herb consultations have picked up too. Hopefully this is the start of something. Then maybe we can start paying off some business loans. Our Summer Newsletter is out if you want to see it.

Happy Solstice!

5 thoughts on “Summer’s here!

  1. And a Wonderful Happy Solstice to you!
    Not to be a kid pusher, but honestly, do it while you are still young and before she gets too much older. Panda was 4 when we had lil man. I liked the spacing for awhile but soon noticed that maybe I should have not waited so long.They are just too far different in levels of life which leaves lil man in tears and Panda in frustration. Here she is going into 3rd grade and he still has another year before kindergarten. Frog and lil man are 2 1/2 years apart which I realize is a much better spacing and they play much nicer together.. Of course my goal was to be DONE by age 30. Frog came 4 months after my 30th birthday.
    Just something to consider.Nursing was my best fighter for the weight gain but the somewhat loose belly and arm skin plus disappearing chest has me secretly thinking Dr.90210. LOL

  2. Haha! I joke about the surgery thing too!

    For me, I think having another child before now would have sent me to the looney farm. Plus, Kaia is so into having a brother or sister, I think now she would be more of a sister/helper as opposed to having two kids that I would have to do everything for if she were younger. I’m 33 now, and though I know I’m not old, the clock does feel like it is ticking… I don’t want to be 60 when the last child is going off to college or something like that. So, it seems like it’s now, or never. One thought I had was to have another child soon and then adopt a child, when we are settled into the house, that is younger than Kaia but older than the baby. Then the would all be ~2 years apart…

  3. You could watch the news for couples having quintuplets or more, and go pick one up when they aren’t looking. 🙂

  4. I wish you the best whatever you decide 🙂

    I had my daughter when I wasnt TRYING to have children (with first husband)…we were just in the early 20s. I didnt have an easy pregnancy, and was not a “natural” first time mom…

    Interestingly, I’ve not been able to have any other children since, though we cruised a few years before trying very hard to. I did keep babies and young children for other people so that my daughter would have some play companions, and it’s only my opionion, but it’s easier to have other children in the home rather than just one, if there’s a choice. The children have the most amazing world of imagination, and the more children there are, the less the parent is the sole source of attention and entertainment. Plus it builds the idea of how to function in a community, helping each other.

    We werent really given that choice, and though we fostered some very young children, my first husband never wanted to adopt.

    With your husband supporting either idea, whichever way you both decide (or both? :)), you have great options 🙂

    I can say this, too…I really wanted siblings for my daughter, and she wishes she had them, too. But she has a very wonderful life. Whatever happens for you, home will be a haven for your children, be it one or many

    The house progress looks GREAT!

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