Sibling stories needed

Ok, so I’m writing something that I can’t tell you too much about, just yet 🙂 But I need some help from you! I’m looking for honest stories from the mouths of older siblings about what it was like when their little brother or sister was born. I’d love to hear their impression of the new baby. Any stories would be great! Things like: How did you prepare for the new baby? How did you feel when the baby was born? Did the baby make a lot of noise? Did you like to play with the new baby? Was the baby funny looking at first? Did the baby take over mommy’s lap? What funny things did the new baby do? etc… Any stories are fantastic!

These stories may be published, and of course, I will get your permission first.

I can’t give you too many more details right now, except that I’m writing something very special! 🙂

Please email them to maria at dirtundermynails dot com

Thanks so much! Oh, and pass this on to any friends with kids who may want to share their stories.

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