Kaia’s Unicorn

Here’s my latest knitting project. I started working on it a few weeks ago and it was amazingly easy (considering how hard it looked). There was an insane amount on increases and decreases in order to make the feet, knees, shoulders, hips, etc. So, I couldn’t do anything else when I was knitting or else I’d mess up. I learned how to do a mattress stitch to sew her up for stuffing, and the patternonly used 2.5 skeins or yarn (not six like it called for).
Kaia picked out the yarn colors and asked me to add a horn to make her a unicorn. She hasn’t seen the finished product yet, though. I’m going to slip it in her bed with her tonight…

ready to be sewn up

getting stuffed

Unicorn meditating

Unicorn wary of cameras

Unicorn at rest

Modeling headshot

7 thoughts on “Kaia’s Unicorn

  1. That’s fabulous!

    I just borrowed a book for knitted toys and I am SOOOOO not there yet, lol

    The amount of sewing also puts me off. But I would love to create toys for the LO.

  2. I LOVE this! Hand made toys have so much character. I see it like a person with their own taste and style, one who doesn’t feel the need to adhere to the latest trends and newest looks. Toys that everyone owns have no story behind them, and are soon forgotten and replaced. A toy that is made, special, will be kept forever and cherished.

  3. “Uni” definitely has personality! I told Kaia that if Uni didn’t get enough loving that I would have to take her and snuggle her myself. She just looks like she needs to be hugged and snuggled!

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