The most awesome home baked bread EVER!

I love home made bread; The aroma that fills the house, that first bite that permeates the senses, the crisp crust and soft, warm interior! Mmmmmm! I use to think that I couldn’t bake bread well, so I bought a bread maker in hopes that I would have more home baked bread. The results were mediocre and I stopped using it. Then I found a recipe for home baked bread that seemed pretty easy and realized that kneading the bread wasn’t really that bad. I made that recipe for a few months, but with the time it took to mix it, rise, knead, rise, bake…. I had to be home for most of the day to tend the bread. So, that recipe fell by the wayside. That’s why I was so excited to hear about this book. I can’t remember where I first learned about “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” but I was really excited when it finally arrived in the mail the other day. Their website had a number of contests to win a free book, but I couldn’t leave it to chance and bought one instead 🙂 Today I tried my hand at their master recipe and was Very Happy with the results! At 2 pm, I mixed together the flour, yeast, water, and salt, and let it sit on the counter. Then I planted some onions and picked up Kaia from school. When I got home, the mix had risen over twice it’s size and pushed the top off the container it was in. I cut off about a pound of dough from the mix, shaped it and let it rest while I feed Leif. (The rest of the mix, enough for 3 more loaves, went in the fridge where it can stay for for days, until I’m ready to cut off another hunk of it to cook up!) Then I plopped the dough in the oven and went out to plant the leeks. When I got back inside, the house smelled fantastic and there was a perfect loaf of bread ready for the tasting. I let it cool a little while and heated up the soup and greens for dinner. Here’s what the bread looked like just out of the oven
Thirty minutes later, there was still some soup and greens on the stove, but…
… the bread had disappeared! Kaia even ate her salad without a complaint because she knew she could have more bread once the salad was gone! She said “Mommy, this is just like store bought bread, and that’s a good thing!!” Ohhhh, it was so good! It had a great crispy crust and was soft and fluffy on the inside! The taste was almost sourdoughy!! I’m a little worried that I’m going to have to put limits on the amount of bread we eat in the house, ’cause at this rate, we could have a couple loaves of bread a day!! MMmmmmm
After the master recipe, the book give you lots more recipes that work off the main one… sweet breads, peasant loaves, flat breads, etc…
Now I have to decide which of the tons of recipes in the book I’m going to try next!!

8 thoughts on “The most awesome home baked bread EVER!

  1. I thought I smelled something wonderful wafting down the mountain! It looks good.

    Did you bake it in a dutch oven?

    I use my bread machine for the kneading and rising, but then I bake it in the over. Would love the recipe!

  2. Yeah, I do have a pizza stone…. You should try it anyway and see how it comes out. the book has recipes with bread bakes in pans too, and not on the stone, so It might work out just fine…

  3. It sounds wonderful, and I like the idea of being able to save the dough for later – I’ll have to find a copy of that book.

  4. I love that book too! Chris and I have not bought bread or labored over making our own bread for months now. I sleep well knowing that you and Toby are out there even though we don’t talk much. I will think of you as I am “baking”, if you can call it that!

  5. Isn’t it fantastic?? I tried it not long ago and every loaf was a success…I was totally wowed! We’re having to lay off the bread considerably right now, or I’d be making it every day! 🙂

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