My Child is driving me crazy!!

sdlkrnyiod!! ltionadfshlk!!! Did you understand that??? NO!! That’s because it is crazy language! I know, all you parents out there are saying “yeah, I know what you are going through”… But OH NO! She is driving me up the wall, out the window, and over the yellow brick road!! How can a 5 year old have such control over my emotions? I truly believe that at the exact moment of her birth, the stars aligned to create a mother-daughter relationship that would encourage me to bang my head on the wall… or the floor… or the door…

Example 1:
“MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM! (said in a loud, whiny voice) YOU WOKE UP BEFORE ME!!” (I’m sitting in bed, not yet having opened up both eyelids!)

“MOOOOOOMMMMM! WHY DID YOU CHANGE LEIF’S DIAPER WITHOUT TELLING ME????!!!” (Oh, I didn’t know I had to inform you of my every movement!!)

“YOU CARRIED MY SIPPY OUT TO THE CAR, SO YOU HAVE TO CARRY IT BACK IN MOOOOMMMMM!!! (While I stand at the door with my hands completely full with groceries and a baby, and she carries nothing)

And as I try calmly to tell her why she needs to help carry things from the car, she puts her hand to her ear pretending to talk on the phone, holds the palm of her hand up to me, and turns the other way! OH no you didn’t just tell me to ‘talk to the hand’!!

Oh My God, child! Get over this phase fast, will you please!!!

OK, end of rant! Momentary sanity has returned…

In other news, we had our house featured in the New Life Journal again. It’s a great article and makes me feel very proud. Though we certainly didn’t build our house to get recognition, it’s certainly nice to get a pat on the back for it!

One of the bee hives survived the winter and one died… I think they starved. But, the hive that survived seems to be going strong. I went into them today to be sure they weren’t getting ready to swarm… but no signs of swarm cells. They were actually very calm and it was nice to work with them without feeling intimidated. This is the first time I’ve gone into the hive by myself.

Two of our hens have gone broody… our silkies. We built a little make shift broody nest for the first one, but now that two are broody, Toby is working on a little broody house for them. He should finish it tonight, so I’ll take pictures and post them.

Speaking of pictures, we spent Wed. afternoon getting family pictures taken. The man who took pictures of my earth belly offered to take family portraits in trade for my time posing for him. Of course we took him up on it. He is such a great photographer, but also a really nice guy! It was fun spending the afternoon with him. Here are some of the pictures… there are a bunch more, but he hasn’t posted them yet. I’m not a fan of the first picture, but that’s my own vanity finding fault with my double chin and squinty eyes… I love Leif’s smirk in the second picture, and Kaia and Leif’s twin stares in the third… and the fourth one just melts my heart!

7 thoughts on “My Child is driving me crazy!!

  1. Oh I can so relate! My youngest went through a phase not too long ago that had me ready to rip up my parenting card and run! 🙂 Your pictures are AMAZING!!! I loved them all and your family is absolutely gorgeous! The house article is really neat! I think what you guys are doing is great! Glad it went well with the bees.

  2. Oh my goodness, those pictures melt my heart! They are so lovely, what a talented photographer!

    I hear you about the whinning, we have that same problem here lately only a bit different. Ours is constantly saying NO LET ME DO IT. Wanting to do everything for herself. “I make sandwich, I do drink, I buckle belt (seatbelt). If you ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do the answer is “no thank-you” Polite but unacceptable…

    I think the solution might be an afternoon of outside running and yelling and mud pie making….:)

    Like all else this will pass, but when?

    I’m look forward to seeing the broody hen box.:)

    Again just beautiful pictures.


  3. jaden does the same thing! the whining is the worst part i think.

    we lost both our hives. i’m not sure what happened to the 2nd one, they made it through the winter then vanished about a month ago…still waiting for greg to get in and investigate.

    the pictures are beautiful.

  4. oh yes, the frustrating fours and fives. i think those were some of my hardest years with tashi. that’s when i used to give * myself * time-outs and she would hurl her whole body at the closed (and locked) bedroom door that i hid behind! you will find your coping mechanism, you will survive and, believe it or not, your angel girl will return. in the mean time, don’t be hard on yourself for having the occasional melt down.

    and those photos are absolutely incredible!!!!

  5. Your children are so beautiful! As are you! My goodness, I just love your natural raw beauty. Those pictures are just awesome. As for your daughter driving you batty, all I have to say is I’m secretly happy to find that you and your family are human! 🙂 I was beginning to wonder if you had uncovered the unknown secret to completely perfect children! You blog posts are always sweet and endearing about your little family, and not that they are wonderful, it’s just nice to know you struggle with little tantrums and outbursts like I do with mine! Be encouraged! All of us parents have those days where we wonder if our children have been abducted and taught some sort of bad habit or word or behavior while we weren’t looking!

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