Gardens a growin’!

Kaia’s flower garden:

Looks like we will have a nice strawberry harvest this year:

Onions are doing well!

Potatoes are up and growing strong:

Lettuce and other greens are overwhelming us!

Here’s a view of the front gardens from the roof

The plants on the roof are doing well… well, the ones that survived. Almost all of the delospermas (ice plants) didn’t survive the winter. We have large dead spots on the roof. We’ll see how things grow over the summer. Hopefully the plants that are living will fill in the gaps.

Kaia and I planted 45 Gladiola bulbs this spring, and Heidi created a little heart garden around them for us!

4 thoughts on “Gardens a growin’!

  1. kaia’s garden is looking great!

    it will be neat seeing what the roof does this year…i love watching progress on gardens! i think the rooftop view of the garden is awesome!

  2. I LOVE the idea of giving Kaia her own garden! I’m definitely doing that next year. And how awesome to have things growing on your roof! I wish I could visit. Maybe someday!

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