Help! What are these??

This is on all of my zucchini…


And this is on one of my potatoes…


And what do I do about it??

2 thoughts on “Help! What are these??

  1. I think the zuccini may be normal. Though this is my first year with them – mine look like that too and are healthy as can be. I just figured that is how they are supposed to look. At least that is what I tell myself. 🙂 I don’t know what the brown on the potatoes is either…aren’t I soooo helpful? 🙂 LOL Hopefully it isn’t anthing that will hurt your crop. My taters are blooming. So neat that the red ones bloom violet and the white ones white! Good luck!

  2. I found some pictures on google of Raven Zucchini, which is the variety I planted, and the leaves are exactly the same! Yay!!
    Unfortunately, I think it might be ‘early blight’ on my potatoes!!

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