Longbottom Leif

Here they are!  Leif’s new fancy pants!  Can you see he’s very excited!


He also wanted to pose with his new sweater, even though it’s too big.  Doesn’t he look dashing?  I’ll knit up a longer pair 9or 20 🙂 for winter.


And his new fancy pants can be casual too.  Here he is posing with the cat.  Right after I took this photo, he grabbed her ear and wouldn’t let go.  Toby thinks Leif looks a bit like a hobbit in his shorts, so we’ve been calling him Longbottom Leif.


2 thoughts on “Longbottom Leif

  1. Awww…he is such a cute little chubby hobbit! 🙂 I am totally loving his new fancy pants. What kind of needles do you use for those? I bought a pair of circs but haven’t tried them yet. I need to hit the youtube knitting videos to figure them out.:) Great knitting and beautiful family. 🙂

  2. Yep, I use circular needles. They are really fun to knit with… I hardly use straight needles anymore.

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