Rehoming the cats

Please don’t send hate mail…. please don’t tell me what a horrible, unfeeling cat mother I am… I know that once you adopt an animal you are promising them a ‘forever’ home… but life brings changes and I feel that this decision is to enhance the lives of my cats!

After many months of contemplation I have come to the heart breaking conclusion that I need to find my three devons another home.  Very long story short, I’ve had Max (my 11 year old) since he was a baby.  I got him with his brother, Mulligan.  Mully died when they were 5 years old (from a severe rabies vaccination reaction), and a few months after that I gave birth to my first child.  Max was very sad and unhappy.  All he wanted was to be on my lap, or on my head, or on my shoulders, but those places were now taken up with a baby.  We moved a lot in the 4 years to follow and finally decided, last year, that it was time to get Max some playmates.  So, we adopted 2 more devons (a 5 year old mama and her kitten).  They have all become fast friends and love each other, but now I have 3 devons that only want my lap, and guess what… I have a new baby.  Every time I sit down to nurse him there are three cats pushing him aside and trying to get love.  They won’t go to my husband or my daughter for affection, and my arms are always full.  So, for the past year, no one has been happy, and I feel SO guilty.  They follow me around and meow for affection.  I’ve been thinking about it and talking it over with my family for months now, and finally decided that they would be happier in another home with someone who could compeltely dote on them.  I also think it’s important that they go to a family that has had devons or atleast knows and understands their idiosynchcracies.  They are crazy cats… not like a standard aloof cat!  They love attention and want to be with you 24/7, they are talkative, energetic, and require (insist on) your affection.

Like I said, Max is 11 and in good health.  He’s a bit overweight, but he is also big for a devon.  Max has allergies for many standard cat foods, so he gets raw rabbit that I get from the local pet food store.  Isabella is 6 and in great health.  Daisy (the kitten) is 17 months and gets ‘goopy eye’ occassionally.  The vet said it is a type of cat herpes (not conatagious)…. when ever she gets it, I put a little lysine in her food and it goes away.  Otherwise she is also in great health.

I would like them to go to a home together.

Are you someone who could be a devoted and overly affectionate devon parent???  Will you let them sleep on your head and sit on your shoulders?  Will you talk back to them when they meow at you?  Will you mind them being at your feet?   Please email if you think you can give them a good home!








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12 thoughts on “Rehoming the cats

  1. I hope your 3 beautiful Devons find a wonderful Forever home. Someone will be very lucky to have these kitties become a part of their lives. Devon Rex cats are very wonderful. Best wishes!

  2. You are making a wise choice. Life is filled with decisions and this was a hard one. Baby must be first and you want the house free of cat hair when baby crawls. Someone will love your fur babies to pieces and they will be happier too.

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  4. These kitties are super specshul. I wants them to get a grrreat home together… wish we had room fur them.
    I’s purring for them to get a noo home.

  5. This is ML, KC’s mommy, and I have recently adopted an older (14+) cornish rex.
    I can say, with six cats, that the Rex is very different from the other cats. He is very affectionate, wants to sleep on my shoulder, talks and “sings” to me constantly. And I love it.
    If I didn’t already have six cats, I would take this little family of three in a heartbeat.
    Good luck, and if I can help, let me know…
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  6. I live in Asheville and can sympathize with your plight. I rescue cats and have many otherwise I could help you by taking your three….but I will ask around and send your site to as many poeple as I can in NC! Good luck and keep in touch!

  7. I can understand your problem and I can understand your solution and I can understand your sadness. However, you are seeking a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You won’t be nursing forever. I know it’s difficult and I can see that you love your cats. Just try to take this one day at a time and know that those cats would rather be with your than in any new home you could find.

    If I didn’t already have too many kitties and if I didn’t live so far away, I’d certainly offer to take them into my home.

    I really believe that if you just sat back, relaxed, realized that no one will love and care for those cats like you…then the situation wouldn’t seem to need such an extreme solution.

  8. Hi, I just read your plight. I ask that you contact the breeder you got the last two from and make sure he/she knows you want to rehome them. Most responsible breeders would want you to contact them and they can also usually help you with whatever situation you are in.

    Wishing you the best.


  9. Yes, Thank you, Carole.
    Don’t worry, I’ve already contacted her and she knows I’ve been having problems. She’s not in the situation to take them back, so I’m trying on my own to find the right home.

    Da Kittiez, I know. That’s why I keep flip flopping on the issue. I keep hoping things will get better, but they aren’t. I actually do feel that someone else could love them better than I do. All I do is feed them, they need so much more.

  10. I think you are trying your best. Many people are facing similar situations. Please keep your chin up. You love the cats, and you want them to go to other nice people. I wish you luck. 🙂

  11. Please don’t separate them from each other. They are emotionally tied to each other now :(.

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