Cordwood workshop


Picture by Richard Flato

I know some of you began following my blog because of the cordwood home we’ve built.  So I thought it might be of interest to you that there is a cordwood workshop coming up in Asheville the weekend of Oct 10th and 11th.  “This project will be the 18” cordwood infill of a post and beam framed greenhouse.  The workshop host is the editor of Backhome Magazine.  It should be a gorgeous time of year to learn the cordwood technique in a beautiful setting.”  You can find more details on, click on Cordwood Workshop near Asheville, NC.  The instructors, Richard and Becky Flato, have been doing cordwood workshops for over 20 years!



5 thoughts on “Cordwood workshop

  1. Just beautiful! I’m off to research more on the net abut cordwood as I don’t know much about it. It really is lovely.
    Blessings and magic.

  2. So perfect! I can’t wait to hear more. That little cabin is exactly the kind of place I’ve dreamt of building for myself. There is something so cozy about cordwood. I love that it gives the same old world impression that stone does, but with a much warmer feel (literally and figuratively!).

  3. Hi,
    I have always lived in the south and just love what I call, ” rustic nice”. This is as nice as a log home, and may be better. Log homes need adjustments every now and then. This is just like bricks. I just love it.

    Thanks for posting! !

    Chris BT

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