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Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  It’s hard to sit at the computer during these busy summer days.  Especially with a 5 month old banging on the keys 🙂

I have started planing my fall/winter garden already!  Seems crazy in these summer days to be thinking about what I will harvest in Jan!  But, this year, I’m going to try to keep some things going all winter long.  I’m right on the edge of zone 6b (Asheville is 7a, but I’m in a little cove that keeps us a tad bit cooler), so it’s possible to have a harvest all year long without too much work.

Last week, while the moon was in Taurus, I planted peas, broccoli and cabbage (the cabbage would do fine under a leafy sign too).  The peas will hopefully be ready to harvest before the first big frost, and the broccoli and cabbage I plan on using row covers and hope to keep them alive through the winter.

During the weekend, in Gemini, I put in some carrots and bunching onions.  These are in a raised bed that I could put some glass over and make a cold frame out of it.  That will also help keep the heat in during the winter.

Later on, I plan on putting in Kale, garlic, winter lettuce and maybe a few other things.

The garden has done well this year.  No major losses (the squash and pumpkins recovered from the vine borrer and are putting out new leaves and flowers).  Still, the garden will need to be a good bit bigger to produce what our family needs to carry us through the winter.

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