#*%$%&#& Bear!!

Well, that funny little bear that was knocking over my chicken food bin decided it was hungry.  Wed. night, at about 1:30 Suki started going crazy.  She was inside for the night (dumb me for keeping her in) and was whining and pacing at the door.  Toby went and let her out and heard a commotion at the chicken coop.  By the time he and suki got to the coop, one of the doors to the egg boxes was ripped off of it’s hinges and Sparkle (our little gray silkie) had been stolen off of her nest and all of her eggs were eaten.  I’m very angry… at myself for not leaving the dog outside and at the bear for taking my sweet little hen!

I’m headed to get some electric fencing today and may put some around the bees too.

Last night, Toby saw the bear again, sitting on a trail just off of our property.  It was just waiting there.  Suki was outside barking and making a fuss, but didn’t see the bear.  I think the bear was waiting for the dog to go inside.  Once Toby came out, it got up and walked back up the trail.

Needless to say, none of us slept well last night!

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