Doughnut crazy

Kaia and I crafted felt doughnuts, stuffed with polyfill and catnip, for some of our favorite feline friends!  There are all different icing and sprinkle types, for your cat’s specific tastes.  We gave the first one, a raspberry icing with chocolate sprinkles, to our cats as an early gift.  As you can see, they are definite doughnut fans!

“It’s MINE!  All MINE!!”


The Standoff!


The Smackdown!


The victor (note: Max, the tabby is at least 12 pounds… Isabella barely tips the scales at 6 pounds!)


“It’s still mine and you can’t have it back!”


“Oh NO!!  Look out for the Giant Doughnut Stealer!!”


What’s your favorite flavor??


8 thoughts on “Doughnut crazy

  1. We love ours, too! It’s great for flinging in the air like a little Frisbee! Pink is the very best flavor.

  2. how sweet! out cats are crazy over catnip too. loki is mean on catnip though. we all have to stand clear after he’s drunk on the stuff!

  3. I saw these somewhere and thought they’d make cute pin cushions as party favors! Without the catnip, or my friends will just go wild!

  4. Diesel said he’d like one. He has catnip growing in his garden if you need some “fresh”.

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