Thoughts on homeschooling

One of the things I was worried about when deciding to homeschool Kaia is that she would feel that she missed out on some of the fun things that big schools offer like going to school games, prom, and year books.  Now, I laugh about those things, but back then, they were a huge deal.  I’m lucky to live in an area with a big homeschooling community.  There is a homeschool yearbook, homeschool prom, and homeschool athletic leagues, and if Kaia and Leif chose to participate in those… great.  But in an effort to cover all of my bases, Kaia and I decided to create school t-shirts.  First we had to decide on the school name:  Green Meadow School.  Then we had to create a mascot: a flying unicorn with a shape-shifting mermaid on it’s back.  Once that was done, we knew that the motto had to be “Where flying unicorns and shape-shifting mermaids RULE!”.  The school colors are “blue and rainbow, with a hint of gold” (yes, that is exactly what Kaia said).  We may create a new shirt each year… maybe we’ll change the mascot and colors, too.  We’ll see.  But, now, she can show her school spirit and be proud of her school when people ask her about her shirt!

Here is our family school picture:

No, wait, that’s not it….

Here it is:

OY!  It’s so hard to take a picture of all of us being still at the same time in the same place.  Let’s try this one:

Much better 🙂

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on homeschooling

  1. Maria! Awesome…now it all makes sense! I had mommy brain this morning and didnt realize that was the name of your school! What a great idea…I am totally going to steal it..:)

  2. funny, i’ve been thinking about giving our homeschool a name lately and i was just thinking about school colors and mascots last night while i was sitting through adelena’s band performance and staring at all the regional school colors/mascots. how drab they all are! i was thinking something with hot pink would rock, lol…i know jaden would love it.

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