Ducky update

The Ancona babies are a little over a month old and doing great!  I am going to move them to the main coop tonight.  I’m sure they will be very happy to have more room to make a mess.

We also got three new ducks yesterday.  The two that are lighter and larger are Saxony ladies and the darker one is a Khaki Campbell boy.  They are ~3-4 months old.  Very beautiful!!

This is Snow, Nibbles, and Splash.  I’m pretty sure they are all girls.

This is Dot.  She is definitely a girl…. nice loud quack.

This is Freckles.  I think he’s the only boy! (YAY)  He should have been named nibbles, though.  He keeps nibbling the feathers off of the other ducks wing tips!

And these are the new ducks.  They haven’t been named yet.  Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Ducky update

  1. Our customers are always asking for duck eggs at market and I’ve thought about khaki campbells if we go that route – just worried about how messy they’ll be (we’d have to keep them in a penned pasture – lots of coyotes, foxes and hawks around here)

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