Time for a swim

The ducks have been putting themselves to bed for about a week now.  That means that as the sun starts going down, they head up the ramp and into the coop without me having to chase them around.  Yay!!  So, they have officially earned their time free ranging.  And because they are no longer enclosed, they also have access to the pond and the baby pool.  The pond is so surrounded by weeds that they haven’t found it yet.  But, boy are they excited about the pool!  They are so funny to watch… a bit spastic!

I can’t believe the Ancona’s were only hatched 2 months ago!  They grow so much faster than chickens!

And what could be better than a pool, and a rain storm?

4 thoughts on “Time for a swim

  1. One thing about it, your get free fertilzer for all of the yard. Suppose that’s why the grass is so green. :0) Do you plan on making duck soup?

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