Math Doodling

Kaia and I took a break from our regularly scheduled math this morning after seeing some of these videos by Vihart.  She calls herself a ‘recreational mathemusician’, but that doesn’t come near describing how cool her brain is!  By watching just a couple of her videos Kaia and I found ourselves discussing fractals (again) which she loves, the concept of infinity, mobius strips, and a bunch more mathematical concepts.  For a 7 year old, that’s pretty advanced math.  But, when you bring it down to art, it seems so much easier to grasp.

Kaia immediately grabbed some paper and a pencil and set to doodling.

Here’s her ‘infinite series of circles, inside of an infinite number of circles”!

And more math doodles.

What a great way to spend a morning!

Here’s Vi’s blog if you want more of her creative mind!

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