Something I’ve wanted for a really long time!

This was our major summer project, and  I just realized, after all these months, that I still hadn’t published these pictures.  Behold, the new rock wall, walkway, and patio!!






Now, 6 months after the installation, things aren’t as lush and green during the winter, but you can see how the rocks have settled in.  (Oh, those white ghosts behind the patio are my figs, wrapped up for the winter):

I can’t wait to hang out on the patio in the warm sun this spring.  I hope it will become a favorite space for schooling and play!



4 thoughts on “Something I’ve wanted for a really long time!

  1. Goodness! It’s gorgeous! I think I’m going to have to sketch out something similar for my daydream book (I keep inspiration for the house we hope to someday have/build).

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