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I’ve been knitting for less than 4 years, but I love it so much!  It is such a soothing thing, the repetitive motion of the needles.  And seeing the finished product, this thing that I’ve created with my own hands, gives me such satisfaction.  I think this is such an important life skill for our kids to know.  Not just with knitting, but with the creation of anything from their own hands.  So many adults feel powerless to do things because they were never given the skills as kids.  “Oh, I can’t build something like that.  I don’t even know how to use a hammer.”  “I don’t think I could ever learn how to knit/sew/cook/build/craft”

This semester, at Kaia’s homeschool co-op, I’m teaching a kids knitting class.  I have 10 girls between the ages of 7 and 15.  Some have knitting experience, but most are beginners.  Right now, we are simply learning the basic knit stitch but it’s so wonderful to see their faces light up when they get it.  They may only get a couple of rows knit in the hour long class, but each class they build on that and their confidence in their new skill grows.  I’m hoping that, like me, they will find the joy in it to continue even after the class is over.

In today’s class, we took a break from the actual knitting to learn a little bit about where the yarn comes from.  A generous spinner, Lorri Helms, brought in her spinning wheel and two of her angora bunnies and volunteered her time to give us a spinning demonstration and talk about angora fiber.  The kids (and adults!) had a blast!

Yes!  That is a bunny on her lap that she is spinning from!  The loose fur comes right out.

She also talked a bit about caring for angora bunnies, and demonstrated the art of nail clipping.  Too funny!  He seemed to enjoy relaxing on her lap.

The girls then got to try their hands at spinning.

But, most of all, I think they liked petting the incredibly soft bunnies.


3 thoughts on “Knitting for kids

  1. I know some very basic knitting (taught myself, using YouTube)…I’ve since taught my three daugters and one of my sons how to knit and crochet. They go in spurts…sometimes I’ll see them work on a project for a few hours or even a few days and then they’ll sit it down for a while and then pick it back up. It’s a great skill to know.
    My husband and I took a sewing class – for sewing machines. I really liked it. I feel more confident. I’d like to learn sewing my hand…eventually.
    You are doing a great thing.

  2. What a great lifetime craft to be teaching the young ins!! How wonderful that they are getting so excited with their work. I bet the spinning was so cool off the angora bunnies, I will have to try that one out when Violet’s fur grows back:)

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