My new habit

This is my new bow!  I love it!  If I could, I would marry it!  I found it on Ebay and took a chance.  Turns out it was a fabulous find.  It’s a Hoyt Pro-Select 300 Rosewood bow, and I have become addicted to using it 🙂

3 thoughts on “My new habit

  1. What happened to the gun? This is more of a Hunger Game kill! You are so multi-talented can’t keep up with your new habits. :0)

  2. That bow is beautiful — like you, friend! Hoping you’re all well at the end of the summer. I love the chance to keep up with you on your blog and Facebook. We should email about whether the girls might want to do some more homeschool shared study this year and write back and forth! Also, I think I have a couple of bowls you might like — once I get a few more back, I’ll put together some photos and email you and you can choose! 🙂

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