So proud

So we have these two adorable foster kittens, right?

Well, Kaia has decided that she needs to keep them and that they need to be hers.  She has been on a campaign to convince us of why this is a good idea.  She wrote lists of the pros and cons of adding two kittens to our family.  She debated all the cons:  asking neighbors if they would be ok watching extra animals when we are out of town, offering to help feed the animals and clean the litter boxes.  And today, she sat out in front of our local grocer and played her penny whistle to earn money.

Her sign says “Your generosity will help me adopt two kittens”  She made over $100 in one hour!  I’m so proud of my little introverted child.  She’s really stepped into new and scary situations lately and has done so with grace. (And a wee bit of sass, as you’ll see at the end of the video.)

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