Max the Marvelous and Magnificent

Crossed the rainbow bridge after 15 years of faithful friendship and love.

August 25, 1997 – February 21, 2013

Max the Marvelous and Magnificent…

  …was never opposed to being carried around.  In fact, he preferred that his paws never touch the ground

…was a fabulous snuggler

…was a very snappy dresser

… was never afraid to speak his mind

endured was with us through two home births

Watching from the bathroom as we weighed Kaia in our room.

hanging out on the stairs outside of our room while I labored with Leif.

…knew how to relax

… was fiercely protected by his lady love

(sometimes, a little too fiercly)

…had a great sense of humor

… chose me to be his mother

When I was deciding which kitten to adopt, Max climbed up my shirt and flopped down into my hand, purring, and promptly fell asleep. I knew he’d claimed me as his. He was a little over a month old.

I already miss you dearly , Max!!

5 thoughts on “Max the Marvelous and Magnificent

  1. So tear-y. What a great tribute to a great companion. I know you’ll miss him Maria and we’re all sending hugs!!!

  2. Beautiful photo memories, he was such a great kitty. I know he will be sorely missed and I am sorry for your loss. Sending hugs.

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