Sheep Shearing

I was super excited to get invited to sheep shearing day at a friends farm.  I’ve never had the opportunity to do this and, especially now, with my spinning habit growing, I wanted to learn.  When we pulled up, they were already in the middle of shearing Snow, a white cormo sheep, who had given birth to twins the day before.  Well, the babies needed snuggling while mom was getting her coat off, so Kaia and I set to work immediately!

This little girl fit perfectly in my coat!





There was a professional shearer there.  So, we didn’t actually do any of that part.

But, I did get to help with the skirting (removing the plant matter and dirt) of the fleece.shearing6

And my friend sent me home with a bit to play with, too!  So gorgeous.  It’s like the sheep keep a crimper in the barn to use when no humans are looking!shearing7

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  1. Hey is that Sebette’s place? She is such a dear friend. So glad you go to go visit her place and help out.

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