Big Snow Day

Well, it looks like we will be hanging out on our land for a few days, possibly weeks :-)  We are getting more snow that I’ve seen in 16 years!  It’s a beautiful winter wonderland here, and Kaia is having the time of her life!  She’s been in and out all day, coming in just long enough to let her clothes dry by the fire and then she’s back outside.


I’ve been fighting a cold, along with a nasty fever, so I stayed by the fire and knit all day!  I’m working on Leif’s first pair of mittens.  It brought back wonderful memories of my great-aunt Pearl.  She lived in NH, and though my sister and I grew up in Miami, great-aunt Pearl knit us a new pair of mittens every year.  We always looked forward to them!  Maybe I’ll carry on that tradition and knit a new pair of mittens and a hat for Kaia and Leif each year!

While I was knitting, Leif was kind enough to entertain himself with a ball of yarn and the phone (if we prank called you today, sorry!)


I took him outside for a bit, but he really wasn’t sure what to make of it all…


My garden is in there somewhere…


Measuring the snow… So far we have 13 inches!


Yes, that is our lawn chair they are sitting in!


We just happened to go to the library earlier this week and got lots of books about snow and winter.  One we picked up was absolutely perfect for a day like today.


Houndsley and Catina is a lovely book about the quiet and peace two friends find in the first snow of winter.


Sleep tight!

6 thoughts on “Big Snow Day

  1. Looks like lots and lots of fun! It makes me want to dig out and post the pictures I took in the Swiss Alps years ago — more snow they had had for as long as anyone could remember… and I got to see it and play in it. I bask in that memory because snow like that is so rare here… oh let’s face it… it isn’t anything like that here even when there is a lot of it! Still – lots of snow is fun no matter where you live! I <3 snowdays and I think we are getting one tomorrow! Yipee! Thanks for reading my indulgent and rambling post! 🙂

  2. Wow! Lots of snow! Have fun in it, and enjoy your cozy knitting. I’ll be doing some of the same this weekend. (Although we just got slush!)

  3. Okay I’m jealous. All we have to roll around in on the beach is sand. I’ll trade it any day for snow. Keep warm by the fire and hope you are feeling better.

  4. That snow is heading our way. Hurray! It won’t be nearly as unusual here in New England, but I love me a good big storm.

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