New hats

Well, my intention was to knit myself a new hat… one that completely covers my ears, because I can’t seem to get one that keeps my head and ears nice and warm.  I found a great pattern and saw the finished hat in my local yarn store.  But the pattern didn’t have a gauge (how many stitches per inch, etc.).  I actually wanted to make it just like the hat in the store, so I bought the same yarn that they used and everything.  Still, the pattern made a hat that fit Leif and not me.  So, now Leif has a new hat.  Still, I really liked the hat, so I adjusted the pattern and made one to fit my head too.  You like?




7 thoughts on “New hats

  1. I really like that new hat! I was done with Christmas IOU’s in the bunch, and decided to make a hat for ME from some baby alpaca that I got a great deal on. I finished the hat and decided it needed to be longer, so I went to the start, picked up some stitches and am starting to knit in the other direction. If it looks too dumb, I’ll just pull it out. I haven’t ruined the original, it’s just shorter than I want and I have very short hair, so my ears REALLY hang out and last night it was (-20) degrees out!!

  2. I love it, matching mama and baby hats. Did you knit it on circular needles? I’m working on a hat for my dd now on straight needles.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Paulette, it’s a really simple pattern! I’d be more than happy to send it to you if you like!!
    Christina, yes, I worked on circular needles until I got to the top and started decreasing stitches. Then I went to double pointed needles. It’s a really simple pattern.

  4. hello! i’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile now. i live out in madison county and i wondered if i could pick your brain for a moment. i am wanting to go to herb school this spring and wondered if, as an herbalist, you had heard much about the reputation of any of the different schools in a’ville (chestnut school of herbalism, one world, blue ridge, etc..). It’s a lot of time and money so i want to be sure i am making a good decision. i really appreciate it and thanks for your time!- molly

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