Sewing and the Great Herb Trade!

I finally did it!  I’m taking sewing lessons!  I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time now.  I can do a little on the sewing machine, but I’ve wanted to learn from a professional.  Well, as luck would have it, I won a raffle for 7 sewing lessons from a professional seamstress!!  I’ve taken two lessons so far and I’m having a blast!  I won’t tell you what I’m making yet…. I’ll show you when it’s done!!! Anyway, I’m already planning all the things that will be made… a skirt for Kaia, pants and bibs for Leif, a skirt for me… I love the idea of making clothing for my family.  Knitting them is certainly one way to do it, but knitting an outfit take ages.  Sewing is instant gratification! So, here’s where the Great Herb Trade comes in.  I have over 150 dried herbs in my apothecary… culinary, medicinal, spiritual, you name it (see list below)!  But, right now I’m only seeing a few clients and spending most of my days with the kids.  I have all these herbs and they are just sitting around.  However, I don’t have any sewing goods.  I have a sewing machine, and that’s it!  So, here’s my proposal:  You tell me what herbs you would like and how much and I’ll send them to you!  In trade, you send me any fabric, notions, and sewing goodies that you want.  You get to build/stock your herbal pantry, maybe even experiment with some that are new to you,  and I get to build up my sewing supplies!  Nothing wasted, lots gained!  How’s that sound? Here is a list of the herbs that I currently have in stock.  If you are interested, leave me a comment (and make sure I have your email) and let me know  what you’d like!!  Yay!!  This is going to be fun!!! (oh, and ‘c/s’ means ‘cut and sifted’)

addendum – List edited 2/23/10 to reflect the herbs that are still available-

Alfalfa c/s
alfalfa powder
Amalaki powder
Angelica root c/s
anise seed
Artichoke leaf c/s
artichoke powder
Ashwaganda Powder
Astragalus root c/s
Beet Leaf Powder
Bilberries whole
Black Cohosh root c/s
Black walnut hull powder
Bladderwrack c/s
Blue Cohosh root c/s
Blue Violet leaf c/s
Boneset herb c/s
Burdock root c/s
Calendula flowers – whole
California Poppy leaf c/s

Catnip leaf and flower c/s
Cayenne powder
Chamomile Flowers
Chicory rot – roasted
Cloves – whole
Comfrey Leaf

Coleus Forskholii c/s
Coltsfoot c/s

Copal Resin
Cornsilk c/s
Cramp bark c/s
Damiana leaf c/s
Dandelion leaf c/s
Dandelion Root c/s
Dong Quai c/s
Echinacea Purperea root c/s
Echinacea purperea root powder
Elder berries
Elder Flower
Elecampane root c/s
Eleuthero root c/s
Eyebright herb c/s

Fenugreek seed – whole
Feverfew herb c/s
Frankincense tears

Ginkgo Leaf
Goldenseal root c/s

Holy Basil
Honeysuckle flower
Hops strobiles
Horehound herb c/s
Horse Chestnut c/s
Horsetail herb c/s
Hyssop herb c/s
Jasmine flowers
Juniper berries
Ladies Mantle c/s
Lavender flower –whole
Lemon Balm herb c/s
Lemon peel c/s
Lemongrass leaf c/s
Licorice root c/s
Licorice root powder
Lobelia herb c/s
Maca Powder
Malva (Mallow) flowers
Marshmallow root c/s
Marshmallow root powder
Meadowsweet herb c/s
Milk Thistle
Milky Oat tops

Mugwort leaf c/s
Mullein leaf c/s
Mustard powder
Nettle leaf c/s
Nettle root c/s
Nettle seed
Oatstraw c/s
Oregon Grape root c/s
Oregon Grape root powder
Osha root powder
Partridgeberry herb c/s
Passionflower leaf c/s
Paw d’Arco root c/s
Peach Leaf c/s
Pepper – Black Malabar
Peppermint leaf c/s
Plantain leaf c/s
Prickly Ash bark c/s
Queen of the Meadow (Joe Pie) root c/s

Red Raspberry leaf c/s
Red Root c/s
Reishi Mushroom powder
Reishi Mushrooms
Rose hips seedless c/s
Rosemary leaves
Roses – petals
Rue c/s
Sage – ceremonial whole pieces
Sage c/s
Sarsaparilla (Jamaican) root c/s
Sassafras root c/s
Saw Palmetto powder
Shatavari powder
Shatavari root
Sheapherds Purse c’s
Slippery Elm bark c/s
Soapwart c/s
Solomon’s Plume root c/s
Solomon’s Seal root c/s
Spearmint leaf c/s
St. Johns Wort flowering tops
Stevia powder
Stoneroot c/s
Sumac berries
Thyme leaf c/s
Triphala powder
Tylophora indica c/s
Usnea lichen
Uva Ursi leaf
Vitex berries
White Willow bark c/s
Wild Cherry Bark c/s
Wild Hydrangea root c/s
Wild Yam root c/s
Witch Hazel Bark c/s
Wormwood herb c/s
Yarrow leaf and flower c/s
Yellow Root c/s
Yellowdock root c/s

10 thoughts on “Sewing and the Great Herb Trade!

  1. Drrrroooooool. Good for you for the sewing lessons! I’ve been able to bang out some really cool things with only the knowledge gained from an – wait for it – EIGTH GRADE Home Economics class! Dude, I wish I could write that teacher and thank her. I never made anything I could wear in that class, but I am rockin some cool things for my baby now. I too would really like to take lessons because I get really stuck and have to go on instinct. I have been totally using the wrong needles for the wrong kinds of fabrics, for example and don’t know a darned thing about tension, doing cirlcles, surging and using those fancy zig zag stitches and don’t even get me started on zippers!

    I am excited for you Dirt. Can I call you Dirt? 🙂 I know your name has to be here somewhere, I’ve just never found it or looked for it. lol!

    So not being so experienced, I don’t have very much to offer myself. I could take some pictures of stuff I would be willing to give you in exchange for some herbs… What a great idea!

    Cheers! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  2. P.S. Do you do Facebook? If you friended me you could see what I’ve been up to… inspired by you and 5 Orange Potatoes.

  3. Hey Tamra,
    No need for pictures. I’m sure any exchange would be fine! What herbs would you like??

  4. Hello!
    I found out about your amazing herb/sewing swap from a facebook friend named Tamra, who went to college with my brother and appeared in one of my all-time favorite documentaries.

    I have the following I would love to send you:

    1. June Tailor Perfect Press (it is out of its packaging, but practically new). to check it out, retails at $30

    2. some notions: teensy sew-on snaps(9) size 2/0, black, one larger seew-on snap size 10 (21 mm), 3 vintage buttons, ready to cover,

    3. Books: Simplicity’s Simply the Best Sewing Book
    (check it out at reatils at $15
    Singer Sewing Reference Library: Sewing Projects for the Home
    (check it out: retails at $11

    Haven’t thought yet about which herbs we’d want, but that will be in message #2!

  5. My 12-year-old son Henry is starting up his own apothecary business (look him up on Henry’s Apothecary on facebook!), and could use any of the following you had to spare for specific healing salves and medicines he is learning about on
    Plantain leaf c/s
    Eyebright herb c/s
    Blue Cohosh root c/s
    Red Clover blossoms – whole
    Ginkgo leaf c/s
    Goldenseal root c/s
    Hawthorne berries – whole
    Hawthorne flower and leaf c/s
    Dandelion Root c/s
    Dong Quai c/s
    Echinacea Purperea root c/s
    Red Raspberry leaf c/s
    Plantain leaf c/s
    Milky Oat tops
    Motherwort herb c/s
    Mugwort herb c/s
    Rosemary leaves
    Roses – whole
    Black Cohosh root c/s
    Elecampane root c/s
    Fennel seed – whole
    Fenugreek seed – whole
    Ladies Mantle c/s
    Stevia powder
    Cramp bark c/s
    Juniper berries
    Cardamom pods green – whole

    email me directly for addresses, etc. This is so exciting!

  6. Hi Maria,
    I have buttons – jars and jars – wooden, gold, white, red, purple, blue, leather, black, pearl… Buttons for herbs. Plus I am new to the area – and it is just so nice to meet people and especially ones that love plants and herbs! Thanks for the offer. Talk soon. (

  7. wow I think I have two big rubermaids of fabric! I know I need to at least let go of some of it. I haven’t made clothing in ages. is there any prints /colors you are looking for? would love to trade for herbs. 🙂

  8. Maria,
    I am very excited….I have packed up a box with some fabric, thread, lace, buttons, elastic, pins, needles, just about everything you need to get started. You should be able to make some skirts, shorts and maybe some tops for the kids and maybe something for the grown-ups too. Some of the buttons and fabric are expecially for the kids and some cute appliques too. I can mail it out this week, probably tomorrow. Here is the list of herbs that I am interested in:
    Bilberries whole
    Black Cohosh root c/s
    Chicory root – roasted
    Dandelion root c/s
    Echinacea Purperea root c/s
    Elder Berries
    Eyebright herb c/s
    Hawthorne flower and leaf c/s
    Holy Basil leaf c/s
    Juniper Berries
    Motherwort herb c/s
    Mugwort herb c/s
    Red Clover blossoms – whole
    Slippery Elm bark c/s
    Yarrow flower

    E-mail me with your address and I’ll get the box out pronto! Please let me know here if you do not have my e-mail. Thanks.

  9. I’ve got some fabrics (mostly tidbits of things) I’ll sort through for you, in exchange for bits of things you already know that I need 😉 Don’t have large quantities but maybe you can use them. Let’s meet up for lunch sometime. I love barter.

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