Southeast Women’s Herb Conference


I spent this last weekend with Kaia at the Southeast Women’s Herb Conference.  And what a wonderful weekend it was!!  Though the wind threatened to blow our tent away a few times, Kaia came through her first conference with a big smile on her face and asked to go again next year.  She went with me to learn about aromatherapy and candle making, and then headed off to play with friends while I went to classes on fermentation, the respiratory system, biodynamic gardening, and more.  We danced the night away at a bhangra/bollywood party.  We fell in love the Rising Appalachia (if you haven’t heard their music, you should get a CD right now!!!).  It was a great mother/daughter weekend!


One thought on “Southeast Women’s Herb Conference

  1. Looks like you girls had fun. Nothing like bonding over the threat of the tent blowing away. Wanted to attend, but had already made a commitment to another conference in Charleston. Eager to see a new masthead for your blog as the kids are growing sooooooo fast. Can’t believe they were ever that small. Also happy to say I am a published author. The book came today. My short story led the collection. Excited, but know it is short lived back to butt in chair to write the next story and the next. Love to all. Yiayia Shannon

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