My newest addition

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my newest knit!!  I love drinking out of a quart mason jar, but I always worry about dropping it.  So, I’ve made myself a jar ‘cozy’.  The pattern came from ravelry.

I’ve had a number of people approach me about it and some even ask me to make them one.  Who wouldn’t want one??  It’s awesome!! Keeps the tea warm, the water cool, and protects it from falls. 🙂

Here it is pre-felting.

Leif was my ‘felter man’.

3 thoughts on “My newest addition

  1. Michelle, most felted objects would be fine with hand washing. I felted it pretty tightly, but running it through the washing machine would probably alter the shape too much. So, I’ll hand wash and then put the jar back in it while it dries so that it keeps it shape. I have a felted purse that I can just throw in the washing machine because I usually want it to get a bit smaller. It stretches with wear…

  2. I don’t know….putting that poor child to work like that. lol I love that your children are project orientated.

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