Sewing Lessons

Kaia has been begging me for sewing lessons lately.  She’s done a simple square purse on my machine before, but this time she decided to do something with a real pattern.  She chose a fabulous owl pillow.  I had to stop my hands from taking over and really let her do it all.  I gave her instructions on choosing the fabric and how to cut the pattern, how to change your stitch and how to make your seams…. but she took off and made an amazing pillow!  So proud of her!  I love to see how her mind opens to the possibilities when she learns a new talent.



Yes, the pajamas have changed… we started the project late at night, so she had to finish the next day.


The back has a little pocket.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Lessons

  1. WOW! That is wonderful. She did a great job. I am so glad you let me know about this. She is going to be the next sewing star for sure! I have been wanting to start my 7 year old on the sewing machine and I was worried it might be too soon. Maybe during christmas break we will give it a whirl. Hope she enjoys snuggling with her new pillow!

  2. Kaia I am sooooooooo impressed! And an owl. In Greek mythology, owls are very good karma and so wise. For the Goddess Athena of Greece, her symbol is an owl for wisdom.

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