Hanging chairs

From the moment my daughter saw this in a magazine months ago, she has been begging me to make one for her.  So, this morning, since we have been working on types of triangles and degrees of angles, I thought we’d work it into todays lessons.  I planned on making a tutorial for you all, but I messed up so many times, I’m not sure how they ended up looking like they did.  But, basically, I took a 1.5 yard rectangle of cotton canvas and cut it on the diagonal, to form two right triangles.  Flip one of the triangles over so that the longest of the 90 degree angle sides are together.  Then, I sewed these up on the longest edge (that is not the hypotenuse).  That gave me one large isosceles triangle.  Then I sewed the two bottom tips together and put on a circle bottom.  I finished the edges with a nice trim and sew on a nice strong webbing for a loop to hang it from and voila.  Personal hugglepods at a fraction of the cost.  I know this sounds totally confusing, but if you draw it out on a piece of paper, it might help visualizing it.

Happy kids played in their new hanging chairs all afternoon.

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  1. Awesome!!! My kiddos were both asking me for one of these for Xmas this year and we already bought the oldest a sewing machine… 🙂 Looks like we have one of our first projects thanks to you. I appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

    Now to go figure out how to make a pillow to fit inside… 😉

  2. I made one for my friend last year but have delayed making some for my three boys as the way I made it was not as simple…….thanks for the info! Could you tell me how you finished the top and what hardware did you use to hang it ? I messed up my machine sewing through the top layers (way to many my way) and I am hoping to get this done for my boys and a deaf friend for Christmas. Any info you can give would be great.

  3. Theresa, I used some strong webbing up at the top and broke a few needles trying to sew it on 🙂 Then, we used some super strong eye-hooks and carabiners to attach it to the ceiling. I have to admit, that neither kids has theirs up anymore. My daughter and her friend got on hers and spun it around so much that it spun the hook out of the beam and crashed to the floor. My son swung in his so much that he hit his head, twice, on a table. Sooooo, they are now in their closets until I figure out how to hang them without injury to the kids 🙂

  4. Hi. I am planning on making one of these for my girls for Christmas and was wondering how you did the top? Did you use a rope? Did you use a caribeaner (sp)? Thanks for any and all help!

  5. Crystal, The webbing that I sewed to the chair had a loop on the top. I connected that loop to a carabiner. This then connected to a large eye-bolt that went into our rafters. (We have VERY large rafters) The problem came when the kids were spinning in the chair. It ultimately spun the eye bolt loose and they collapsed to the floor! (no one was hurt 🙂

  6. Great idea to make one, thanks for posting! I was thinking of making one for our 14-yr old niece, but if I know her, she’d use it as a swing for sure and the website specifically states: “Please note that the HugglePod Hanging Chair is not intended for use as a swing.” http://www.hearthsong.com/hugglepod-deluxe_p419326.html I wish I could see a ‘pattern’ for use in cutting out one of these, just for fun, Thanks again 🙂 AJ

  7. They sell ceiling mounting hardware on amazon.com, it is with the IKEA swing recommendations (set of two under$20). I bought this and also brackets from the local tractor supply(heavy duty). You just need a flat bracket with a “hanging loop” that can be screwed in place by two screws or bolts through the trusses. I think the tractor supply bracket I purchased was actually the female part of a gate latch. The caribiner clips in and does not fall out. My issue is still the top of the swing, making sturdy enough to hold the kids without ripping the clip out of the swing…… The strapping and fabric get too thick tosew…….suggestions?

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